Latest Newsletter - 24 March

End of Season Presentation Night – Change of Venue / Time
We will be holding our end of season presentation night at the pool on Friday 1st April from 5.30pm.
There will be medal presentations throughout the night, dinner provided, a DJ and swimming. There will also be a BYO license for parents with drinks served by leisure centre staff.
All swimmers and families are welcome to this event – every swimmer will receive a medal on the night. Please come along and help celebrate another successful season/

Please note that our AGM will be held on Friday 1st April in the theatrette at 6.30pm during our end of season presentation night.
All positions will be declared vacant and with many current committee members no longer having swimmers in the club.
It is time for a new committee, who will ensure they get the best out of the club for their swimmers.

End of Season
The Season will end on Thursday 31st March due to the pool closing on the 3rd April. Training will continue as normal until this time.
NOTE: There will be no training Thursday 24th March due to the Roxby Downs Area School Senior Swimming Twilight Carnival.

This is the last swim club newsletter for the season, with newsletters likely to recommence in August in preparation of the new season.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few people who without their help this club would not have been so successful this season.
Tony McGauchie – Club President / Head Coach
Tony has been an amazing carnival coach, he has represented our club at events and spoken proudly of the Green Black and White and our swimmers. Tony also gives time to projects like the new shades.
Wendy Lowe – Coach / Semi Treasurer
Wendy started off the season with the Treasurers role – by default –no one else would do it. This is what Wendy does, whatever no one else will do. She has coached all season, working her magic with the White squad and also looks after committee work such as accommodation and carnival organisation.
Julie Greenfield – Club Secretary
Julie has been instrumental to the committee and general club organisation. From our carnival to end of year presentations Julie just puts up her hand and gets the job done.
Megan Bullman – Treasurer
A volunteer who stepped in to lend a hand. With no swimming ties to the club Megan volunteered for the toughest role in any committee and quietly got the job done. The committee and club are truly grateful for her efforts.
Magriet Van Niekerk – Nominations Officer
While Magriet was pushed into this role nervously, she took on all the new software programs and is now a nominations guru. She had to learn this role on the go and has ensured all our swimmers competed at carnivals all season.
Darren Lowe – Coach / Pool Liaison
Darren has been a keen coach and mentor to our older squad members. He has been the one point of contact with the pool and has worked tirelessly to ensure the club gets best use of the facilities.
Kristy Jackson – Coach / Swimmer
Another quiet achiever, Kristy has worked mainly with the Green and White squads, starting this season new to coaching. She has learnt heaps and is great on pool deck. She even won a few medals in the pool herself this season.
Tanya Parker – Time Trial Coordinator / Committee Member
Tanya has been amazing assistance at the pool each and every day. With setup and packup. She has even got her husband and other parents on board with this task. She has been great support to the coaches, swimmers and committee throughout the season.
Vicki McGauchie – Club Support
A big thanks to Vicki McGauchie who has not only supported Tony, but also been a mother to the swimmers and coaching team and a lot of fun when we go away too.
Michelle Casserly – Memberships Officer / Committee Member
Michelle took over the online registrations program for us this season and has ensured the complicated program has run smoothly for us. She has also put her hand up time and time again to organise fundraising, events and other committee projects.

There are many more people to thank – and I am sure I have missed a few. But here are a few more people who have helped to make this a successful year.

  • Jenny Longmire
  • Kelly Seward
  • Rebecca Gardner
  • Christine Doran
  • Harry Harrison
  • Christine & Greg Abbott