Latest Newsletter - 20 September

If you are interested in joining for the 2010 /2011 season and missed registrations at market day last weekend, please contact the club ASAP to secure your spot. Memberships this season are limited to 40 swimmers and positions will be allocated on ability and commitment with those registering early getting first option.

Email as soon as possible to register your interest, as places are limited.

2010/2011 Club Fees

  • Single Adult Swimmer: $374.50
  • Single Youth Swimmer: $394.50
  • Two Youth Swimmers: $769.00
  • Three Youth Swimmers: $862.25
  • Four Youth Swimmers: $893.00
** Rebates have been incorporated into family memberships with 3+ swimmers**

Please ensure to purchase your pool membership from Roxby Leisure or pay per visit to access the pool. Your membership does not include pool access

NOTE: As required by Roxby Leisure - all swimmers under the age of 10 MUST be accompanied by an adult to the pool.

Season Start – Tuesday 5th October
All squads will commence training on Tuesday 5th October at 5:00pm, pending the pool opening as planned. Swimmers will be allocated to squads in the first week of training, however squads may be changed at coaches discretion to even out lanes and abilities.

Training Times
White & Green Squads
Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / Friday
5:00pm – 6:30pm

Black Squad
Monday – Friday - 5:00pm – 7:00pm

To participate in training ALL swimmers must have the following items with them at EVERY training session;
  • Racing Style bathers (No Bikinis / Board shorts or Rash Vests)
  • Goggles (2 pairs)
  • Swim Cap (2)
  • Water Bottles
  • Towel
  • Sneakers / Runners
  • Shorts & T-Shirt
  • Hat
  • Warm Clothes for after training (Early season Only)
NOTE: The water temperature will be around 17 degrees at the start of the season. Some swimmers will need to get out of the water early and will be dismissed from training as required. Parents need to be present or contactable by the swimmer or able to make their own way home. Coaches will not be able to leave pool deck or make phone calls for swimmers to contact parents.