Latest Newsletter - 12 May

Successful Season – Thanks Volunteers
Thankyou to our club volunteers who have worked tirelessly this season and enabled our swimmers to reach their full potential.

There were many obstacles to overcome including poor weather, increased club management requirements and coach and committee personnel leaving town mid season. However this did not prevent us from competing admirably at open carnivals around the state, holding 5 time trial events, a squad camp and sending a successful country championships team away again.

This season has been a great opportunity to get some new families involved in the running of the club. There have been new committee members such as Greg and Christine Abbott, Julie Greenfield and Jenny Longmire along with many new families volunteering their time to take on specific duties such as Tanya Parker taking on Head Time Keeper at Time Trials and Christy Martin who took over our merchandise management. These people have stepped into brand new roles and done a fantastic job.

Moving on to the new season we are going to require a few new faces to step up and take on a role if the club is going to continue its success. We will be short on the following positions in 2010/2011 and winter is a great time to sign up and get the training required before starting these positions. Please review these positions and advise our club President Tony McGauchie if you can assist.

Current Non committee Positions To Be Filled;

  • Junior Squad Coaches (Green License or Aust Swim Qualified)
  • Media Officer (writing of newsletters and articles for local papers)
  • Memberships Officer (managing the online Members Database)
  • Fundraising Coordinator (Scheduling and organising events such as the lapathon, matched giving claims etc)
AGM – Wednesday 12th May (7:00pm)
Due to many current committee members not being available of the previously scheduled AGM – the date was moved to Wednesday 12th May and held at the Roxby Leisure Centre boardroom.

Individual notices were sent out to all existing families with these new details along with the explanation of limited places in the club for the 2010/2011 season due to qualified coach availability.

Family Accounts
Please ensure all outstanding accounts are settled as soon as possible. If you need to establish a payment plan or question any aspect of your account, please contact Wendy Lowe.

Note: Memberships will not be taken for next season from any person with monies outstanding unless approved by the full committee.