Latest Newsletter - 24 February 2010

Port Pirie Open Carnival
Good luck to all swimmers heading to Port Pirie this weekend for the Port Pirie Open Carnival. This will be a very full day with over 1000 entries – so please be prepared. Warm ups start at 8.30am so please be at the pool at 8.00am with an expected finish time of 5.00pm. There is a BBQ dinner at the pool at the end of the carnival for anyone who wants to stay and socialise with our friends at Port Pirie.

Congratulations to all of our lap-a-thon participants. Reminder that money is due in to the Treasurer (Wendy) by this Friday.
Full results are as follows


  • Tony McGauchie 178
  • Darren Lowe 264 Male Winner
  • Michael Rieck 150


  • Caitlin Abbott 296 Female Winner


  • William Abbott 245
  • Stephaney Bastian 207
  • Centaine Casserly 246 Female Winner
  • Millie Clarke 130
  • Mitch Steer 268 Male Winner
  • Rebecca Longmire 226
  • Nicole Scholefield 120
  • Tayla Scholefield 190


  • Eugene Van Niekerk 150 Male Winner
  • Angus Harrison 102
  • Leroy Doran 125
  • Jack Gotch 74
  • Andrew Fonseca 132

Dolphins 2

  • Brianna Bastian 138 Female Winner
  • Talana Jackson 104
  • Harrison Abbott 100
  • Annalise Abbott 100
  • Luci Bedding 60
  • Wesley Steer 122 Male Winner
  • Taylah Masters 10
  • Joel Longmire 122 Male Winner
  • Emily Parker 114
  • Lauchlan Coathupe 102

Dolphins 1

  • Hayley Gregory 102 Female Winner
  • Alyssa Parker 102 Female Winner
  • Aishah Bastian 58
  • Josh Bedding 74 Male Winner
  • Tayla Bedding 24

Time Trials
Please review the time table below for upcoming time trials. Swimmers will be required to be at the pool by 4.30pm with racing commencing at 5.30pm. On these days there will be NO scheduled training sessions.

Wed 3rdMarchThurs 18th March


25m Freestyle

25m Backstroke


25m Dolphin Kick

25m Breaststroke

Senior Squads

400m Freestyle

25m Breaststroke

25 Backstroke

25m Fly

Senior Squads

25m Freestyle

100m Breaststroke

100m Backstroke

50m Fly/100m IM

Training Times
Please take note of the updated training sessions for the second half of our season. Due to travel commitments of senior swimmers and coaches please note there are NO training sessions on Fridays for the rest of the season.

Senior Squads (Swordfish, Sharks, Stingrays)
Monday – Thursday 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Junior Squads – Tuesday & Thursday
Dolphins 1 – 4.00 – 4.45pm
Dolphins 2 – 4.45 – 5.30pm