Latest Newsletter - 16 February

Booleroo Open Carnival

Congratulations to all swimmers who competed at Booleroo Open Carnival on Sunday. It was a great day with 23 swimmers leaving Roxby Downs at 3.45am and arriving at the pool at 8.00am. Many medals were won with results still being entered onto the computer system and should be available by the weekend.

The bus was a great way to get some of our newer swimmers competing such as Lauchlan Coathupe and even get some of our older families back and travelling such as the Harrisons. We are of course a competitive swim club so the more swimmers we have competing the stronger our club will be.


As I write this article we are preparing for this years lapathon which was held Tuesday night at 5.00pm. Next week we will be able to report on the huge number of laps swum and the amazing amount of money raised. This is as we said our club’s biggest fundraiser for the year and if you did not get as much money as you would have liked you can still accept donations through until the end of next week with all monies needing to be in by Friday 26th February to be eligible for the prize for the swimmer who raised the most money.

Money from this event will be used to purchase three new shades for our club which will cost around $5000. If you know of any businesses that would be interested in making a donation the club would be happy to have their logo printed onto the shades that we purchase. Please let Tony McGauchie know if you can help out.

Port Pirie Open Carnival

Nominations have now closed for the Port Pirie Open carnival to be held on 27th February. The club is still to decide if a bus will be taken to this event. If you have registered and want more information please contact Phillipa

Time Trials

Time Trials last week were fantastic with over 40 swimmer attending the event. All results are now available online through the club’s website with many PB’s and club records broken on the night.

Please review the time table below for upcoming time trials. Swimmers will be required to be at the pool by 4.30pm with racing commencing at 5.30pm. On these days there will be NO scheduled training sessions.


25m Dolphin Kick

25m Breaststroke

Tues 23rd Feb Wed 3rd March Thurs 18th March

25m Freestyle

25m Backstroke


25m Dolphin Kick

25m Breaststroke

Senior Squads

200m Freestyle

50m Breaststroke

50m Backstroke

25/100m Fly

Senior Squads

400m Freestyle

25m Breaststroke

25 Backstroke

25m Fly

Senior Squads

25m Freestyle

100m Breaststroke

100m Backstroke

50m Fly/100m IM

Training Times

Please take note of the updated training sessions for the second half of our season. Due to travel commitments of senior swimmers and coaches please note there are NO training sessions on Fridays for the rest of the season.

Senior Squads (Swordfish, Sharks, Stingrays)

Monday – Thursday 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Junior Squads – Tuesday & Thursday

Dolphins 1 – 4.00 – 4.45pm

Dolphins 2 – 4.45 – 5.30pm

2009/2010 Carnival Summary

If you are interested in travelling to carnivals this year please find below a summary of events supported by the club. All families planning on competing will require a SwimmingSA Handbook available from the coaching team in the club rooms.

Nominations must be passed onto 1 week prior to these closing dates to ensure you do not miss these events.

Date Meet
13th Mar - Whyalla National Qualifying Carnival (Closes 21st Feb 10)