Latest Newsletter - Hot Weather Policy Update

As we all know the hot weather we have experienced so early this season has required the committee to have a look at our hot weather policy. Until now the club has utilised the Swimming SA hot weather policy as a guideline, with coaches making the final decision as to when and how training has been run.

After a few concerns raised this week, it was made apparent that parents needed a more formal policy which detailed a clear and consistent approach to how and when training sessions would be cancelled, rescheduled or altered and how this would be communicated to members.

The new policy outlines the guidelines, which differ for junior and senior squads, can be downloaded from our website.

Junior Squads are Dolphins 1 & 2

Senior Squads are Stingrays, Sharks and Swordfish

Parents with any concerns are requested to forward details to the committee at


Junior Squads - Please also note that Junior Squad Training Sessions have been cancelled this Tuesday and Thursday due to the RDAS 3 - 6 and R - 2 year concerts which involve all coaches and most swimmers. Every effort is being made to secure extra training sessions with Roxby Leisure so that these session times will be made up prior to our carnival. Please keep an eye out for more information about these sessions which will be emailed to parents and made available on the club's website. Contact Kelly B. for further information

Senior Squads - Due to the Hot Weather being experienced this week - and in line with our new hot weather policy - training sessions will not commence until 6.30pm this week from Monday through to Thursday. More information about Friday's session will be made available at training throughout the week.

Remember that every young swimmer is affected by the heat differently and it is the parents' responsibility to ensure swimmers are fit to training and are advised to not send swimmers who are overly tired or affected by the heat to consecutive training sessions. Consider alternate nights or reduced training times. See Phillipa for further information.