Latest Newsletter - 28 April

Welcome to the 2009/2010 – New Committee

The swim club AGM was held on Sunday 5th April at the Roxby Downs Bowling Club.

The new season committee was elected and consists of;

  • President – Tony McGauchie
  • Vice President – Christine Abbott
  • Secretary – VACANT!
  • Head Coach – to be appointed
  • Treasurer – Magriet Van Niekerk
  • Nominations & Records Officer – Tanya Fyfe
  • Pool Liaison Officer – Darren Lowe
  • Wendy Lowe
  • Jenny Longmire
  • Kelly Brougham
  • Greg Abbott
  • Wendy Kruger

A BIG thank you to all past and new committee members; without these people we would not have a successful swim club.

Please note: The club can not run without a secretary. Please contact Tony McGauchie as soon as possible if you are able to take on this role.

Membership Renewals

Please do not renew membership online at this stage. The committee is still negotiating with the pool and need to determine season fees. You will be notified by mail and email from the club when memberships are open again.

If you have received an email from the database or Swimming SA please ignore at this stage.

Monthly Newsletter

Please note that our weekly post has been replaced by a monthly post during the off season. We will also maintain the club website during this time. If you require any information please do not hesitate to email any of the club email addresses below.

Winter Training

Please note that we are working with the rec centre to deliver a twice weekly fitness class to swim club competitive members over the winter season. Please let Phillipa Weltner know if you are interested in attending these sessions. More information will be made available as details are secured.

Swimmers Results and Times

Take the time to go to our club website at to access our latest newsletters, training times, club information sheets. All swimmers results for all events are also available through this website via the right hand column “Results & Times”. If you have any problems accessing this or any other information, contact Phillipa or talk to your coaches.